TYE SOUND EXPERTS schaffen Hörerlebnisse

Sound Engineering

In Good Hands

TYE SOUND EXPERTS are service providers for event planners and organisers. The focus is on an excellent listening experience for live events – regardless of whether they are sports events, conferences or concerts.

As technical specialist planners, TYE SOUND EXPERTS take over the determination of requirements, equipment procurement including tender design as well as event management.

A team of musically trained sound engineers and acoustics specialists ensures brilliant speech intelligibility and powerful emotions even under difficult conditions.

  • Sports events
  • Hotels
  • Museums
  • Halls and Churches
  • Festivals
  • Open Air
  • Concert Performances



  • Beschallungskonzepte
  • Bedarfsanalyse
  • Simulation und Berechnung
  • Ausschreibungsverfahren
  • T60 Nachhallzeitmessung
  • STI Messung


  • Supervision
  • Einmessen
  • Tonmeister Sprache/Musik
  • Ablaufregie
  • Veranstaltungsanalyse
  • Controlling


  • Tuning
  • Training und Workshops
  • Musik und Marke
  • Lärm und Gesundheit
  • Kommunikation
  • Raumakustik

Emotion and Speech Clarity

Sports Events

TYE SOUND EXPERTS are in charge of the German Athletics Championships in halls and stadiums. Speech intelligibility and the emotional power of music have top priority. This begins with an individual planning of requirements and leads to an active support of the event, which is completely geared to the dynamics of the competitions. 

Excellent Sound

Indoor, Outdoor

TYE SOUND EXPERTS machen Festivals genauso wie Museumsräume zu einem emotionalen Erlebnis für alle Besucher. Ein zentraler Baustein ist die dramaturgisch effiziente Bedarfsplanung auf verschiedene Hör- und Beschallungszonen. TYE SOUND EXPERTS sind die nötige Schnittstelle zwischen den geplanten Inhalten und der Veranstaltungstechnik.

Room Acoustics

Difficult Venues

Churches – just like offices, museums, and public buildings – are prime examples of acoustically challenging environments in which excellent speech intelligibility is essential. Standard solutions do not help here. TYE SOUND EXPERTS deliver measurable improvements with an understanding of the specific room properties.

Sound Engineering

Emotion through Precision

In a visually overloaded world, it's the sound that makes the difference. It arouses attention and intensifies emotions, it lets adrenaline flow - or provides relaxation.

The human ear is active 24/7. That's why sound and sound decide how we humans perceive our environment.

This is where TYE SOUND EXPERTS comes in. With their expertise beyond their own horizons, they ensure smooth interaction between technology and content. So that messages get across.

The special thing about TYE SOUND EXPERTS is the combination of engineering with an understanding of the specific requirements and goals of our customers.

Engineering Made in Düsseldorf

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