Concert Experiences

The Art of Making Music Visible.

Le Sacre du Printemps – Interaktiv (Kent Nagano, London Symphony Orchestra, AUDI)

The Art of Making Music Visible

It  always begins with the music score. Whenever Nick & Clemens Prokop visualize music for a concert production, they see themselves in the interpretation thus making musical architecture visible, so to speak, reproducible and at best directly perceivable.

Technology is always used as a means, never as a gimmick or an end in itself. Interactive applications like those specially developed for Kent Nagano in "Sacre du Printemps" (Rite of Spring), illustrate and intensify the already  existing relationship between conductors, orchestras and worlds of images.

One characteristic feature of the artistic thumbprint is an "abstraction from what is concrete". Mostly based on photographs and, in a some cases, also video sequences, Nick & Clemens Prokop work with overlaps beyond recognition.

These visual metamorphoses can extend over comparatively long periods, such as in the case of Cathedrals of Sound, where we are not dealing with just any  kind of illustration, but rather with scenes highlighting a perception that has changed as a result of musical continuance among the audience itself.

© René Buttermann

Planetarium Hamburg

Piano music from the 20th and 21st centuries, performed by three pianists in the Sternensaal (Star Hall) of Hamburg‘s Planetarium: a challenge to direct all eyes and ears on the unbelievably beautiful works of Nono, Ligeti, Stockhausen, Peter Ruzicka and Unsuk Chin.

  • Category
    Concept design and music visualization
  • Technology
    360° dome master projection, 3D Sound
  • Art Installation
    Light sculpture

© Will Pruett / Pacific Symphony

Cathedrals of Sound

Anton Bruckner‘s monumental 8th Symphony at the centre of a major concert experience: "Cathedrals of Sound" with Carl St. Clair and the Pacific Symphony Orchestra is a vivid example of Nick & Clemens Prokop‘s "emblematic illumination".

  • Category
    Music visualization
  • Technology
    Split screen projection
  • Art Installation, direction
    Light sculpture

© Nick & Clemens Prokop

Sacre du Printemps – Interaktiv

An interactive visualization of Igor Strawinsky‘s "Sacre du Printemps" for Kent Nagano and the London Symphony Orchestra. Composed as a ballet, the worlds of images here emerge completely from the music as well as the movements of the composer and thus retrace the internal structure and story of this production, without the need for dancers.

  • Category
    Musik visualization
  • Technolgy
    Interactive, real time

© Nick & Clemens Prokop


Virtual landscapes for the choir of Bavaria’s broadcasting service (Bayerischer Rundfunk): In the musical "Vineta – Vokale Welten" (Vineta – Vocal Worlds), Nick & Clemens Prokop broach the issue of submerged societies. Large-scale worlds of images vary precisely according to the music. Thanks to state-of-the-art camera techniques, a light and shadow show evolves, which has never been achieved until now.

  • Kategorie
  • Technik
    270° Studioprojektion
  • Installation
    Lichtskulptur und Rauminszenierung

© Nick & Clemens Prokop

Clocks and Clouds

György Ligeti‘s music is already well known to a wide audience from the Stanley Kubrick films. His worlds of sound are equally captured on soundtrack. "Who's Afraid of György Ligeti" focuses on the beauty and chasms of his music and makes the abrupt switch from aggregate states visible - however, not without varying Kubrick‘s iconic picture motifs.

  • Category
    Music visualization
  • Technology

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