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Our passion is the creative use of media technology: projection mapping, light spectacles and sound.

With more than 30 years of experience on large stages and festivals, TYE's Nick & Clemens Prokop are genuine creators and storytellers.

The TYE team delivers plug & play modules for your events – no additional resources required.

Based in Düsseldorf, Germany, we work internationally.

Call us today: +49 211 688 75250
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TYE's Nick & Clemens Prokop as keynote speakers @ TEDx SUNY Potsdam, NY

Media Theatre

When projection, lighting, effects and artistic performance merge. 

Tailored shows for

  • corporate presentations
  • exhibitions
  • festivals

Projection Mapping

Projection Mapping (aka Video Mapping) uses architecture as large screens.

We design and create our visuals to interact with the environment, creating exciting impressions.

Suitable for

  • corporate events
  • festivals

Light Spectacles

We do a little magic with LED technology and our music.

Suitable for

  • corporate events
  • festivals


Interactive Fun

TYE's interactive attractions activate audiences and generate social content.

Adapt all installations to your brand needs.

Suitable for

  • welcome areas
  • corporate events
  • festivals

Interactive Dance Show

It's a mesmerizing shows: Professional dancers create dynamic paintings on walls.

Suitable for audiences up to 2.500

  • corporate events
  • product presentations
  • festivals


A tunnel for heroes: Audience activation with sound and lighting effects.

Suitable for

  • sporting/corporate events
  • festivals
  • installations



TYE Sound Experts are your specialists for premium acoustic experiences.

Let TYE Sound Experts impress your clients with uncompromising sound and crystal clear acoustics.

TOP 10 – Frequently Asked & Answered

1. Who is TYE?

TYE is the creative production unit of media artists and directors Nick & Clemens Prokop. We are a bunch of media specialists and engineers, based in Düsseldorf (Germany), and dedicated to design and produce media spectacles.

2. What is on the menu?

Clients hire us

  • as Creative Directors

We deliver media spectacles for events, such as

  • Projection Mapping
  • Lighting Spectacles
  • Interactive Performances
3. Do you work internationally?

We deliver worldwide. We are highly experienced road warriors, ready to work in unfavorable environments and to deal with the unexpected.

4. What about budget?

We will be able to identify typical budget levels after learning your specific needs.
When we name a price tag for our services, it is always all inclusive. It is like ordering pizza.

5. How much lead time does TYE need?

Usually, we are fine with 8 weeks.
But if you need urgent help, we are dedicated to be really fast.

6. Can we have you for a pitch?

Don't hesitate to contact us. We'll gladly provide you with a quote plus promotional material.

7. Can we individualize existing solutions?

Every event is unique. We are prepared to adapt to your and your client's needs.

8. What is the first step to work with TYE?

Let's talk! Email us or give as call. We are creative partners and dedicated to identify the optimum solution for your needs.

9. When should I call TYE?

If you can, call us early. The sooner we talk, the better we can add true value to your projects.

10. Can I try out TYE's interactive installations?

Be our guest! Please feel free to make an appointment in our Düsseldorf office and workshop.

I can't find my question here

Feel free to contact us. Give us a call, email or twitter.
Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

What You Can Expect

German Engineering
Inhouse Technical Planning
Hasslefree Integration

Advanced Content Creation
Focused Storytelling
Contemporary Look & Feel

One Stop Shopping
Reliable Quotes
No Surprise Fees

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